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CI(Cooperate Identity)

▼Origin of Company Name

Our company name “TRINGLE” is a coinage comes from “triangle” and “ring”. In Japan, there is an old saying: “good for 3 sides”. It shows knowledge of business that, “A business which lets both seller and buyer feel contented, and can contribute to the society”. We hope that all 3 sides, which are “Our customers, the society and our company”, and also “Japan and the world and our company”, can share happiness together. Our company name carries our wish that we can create many beautiful triple rings.


▼Origin of Company Logo

TRINGLE’s logo consists of text based on Garamond with design added, and a gold triangle mark. The “I” of TRINGLE imitates a candleholder that allows lights such as candle and lamp to stand. The simple triangle of the golden triangle mark is in the motif of truss, which is very strong in terms of structural dynamics. The triangle is accented with gold. In feng shui, gold is said to be a color that brings money luck easily. In other words, this logo represents the strength to be a light that shines the way; the physical strength of triangle, and the strong luck of gold- it is a real trinity logo.


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