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Management Principles

Japan is a very affluent country. It is filled with goods and materials, its people are generally educated, and towns are in good condition.

However, most people failed to notice that this affluence is gradually fading. We are losing the richness bit by bit, but we still want to maintain the wealthy life. As a result, Japan’s loan keeps growing.

So why is Japan having a tough time?

Many countries, including Japan, build their nations’ institution based on international rules under global capitalism economy. However, developing countries around Japan are constructing systems that are more productive and effective, and are polishing their competitiveness among countries. Their people study foreign languages since their young age, and polish their own competitiveness with global vision. The offensive from Japan’s surrounding countries can be considered as one of Japanese enterprises’ hard battles.

“Care customers’ feeling, and hope that they would feel happier than their expectation”

This is the “heart of hospitality”, which every Japanese possesses, and is a great value that Japan should be proud of. In Hong Kong, where we have an overseas branch, there are many restaurants that provide Japanese-style service, and this makes local people very happy. This Japanese heart of hospitality produces “products, service and culture”. These 3 are not to drive out rising countries, but to bring them amazement and happiness.

As TPP, EPA and the like are getting more and more flattening in the future, there are even more chances for Japan to contribute to the world. TRINGLE HONGKONG will work hard to devote lots of amazement and happiness to the world through internet.


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