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Message from the President


Thank you for accessing TRINGLE HONGKONG Co.,Ltd’s homepage.

There is a saying I like: “A light shines over a corner; Thousands of Lights shine over a country”. It means that a light can only brighten a corner, but with thousands of lights, a whole country can be brightened.

If you count from my childhood, I have been living in 12 local cities. The one thing I felt was “brilliant human resources, service and merchandises are being hidden over the whole country.”

Cities and provinces; all beings that are either standing out or being buried …Perhaps only till all these elements turn into lights to illuminate our country, will the Japanese economy, which remains stagnant, shine its bright light to the world again.

I hope my work can shed more shiny beams on the hidden lights, so I established this company.

“Lighting up a corner--this is the national treasure.”

It is a Japanese saying which means, individuals who work hard to shine on their post are the treasure of a country. If everyone tries to contribute to the people around them, their lights will shine on the whole society, and on the whole country.

Our company hopes to contribute in creating these chances through internet. We provide services to the best of our ability, with this concept borne in mind every day. Therefore, we sincerely hope for your kind support.

Yoshihiro Ito
April 2013


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